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We believe it is fundamental to begin with a thoughtful design process which entails the selection of plant life and quality materials. Our inspiration stems from initial client consultations where we acquire an understanding of the needs of our client’s Ultimate Outdoor Space which may range from relaxed villa living to luxe residential estate, before establishing a relationship with architecture.

We offer a complete service to suit the specific requirements of each individual project from concept design and planning to pool installation and construction. Our                

T E M P E S T   P O O L S team are licensed swimming pool builders who oversee and manage every aspect of the process from start to finish.

Over the years we have established a strong team of experienced professionals consisting of qualified master landscapers, carpenters and horticulturalists. Although it is fundamental to incorporate a selection of plant life and quality materials, our construction team also take into consideration environmental factors inclusive of drainage requirements and retaining solutions.

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